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Tomcar Pioneers Australia’s First Electric Car

Jul 25, 2016
Articles / Press
Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council Showcase

The team at Melbourne-based firm Tomcar is at the forefront of a new era in Australian vehicle manufacturing. With the first electric car to be fully produced in Australia, Tomcar is dreaming big – and succeeding.

Designed and built in Australia, full scale production of the Tomcar LV1 gets going in November at a manufacturing facility in Oakleigh South, with customer deliveries slated for February.

Tomcar teamed with innovative technology developers Energetique and local manufacturer MtM. The prototype Tomcar LV1 has undergone two years of intense development, with trials of its electric powertrain currently underway in the harshest environments throughout Australia.

“We have very big dreams and ambitions in regard to the car,” says Tomcar Australia’s co-founder and CEO, David Brim.

“It’s never been done what we’re trying to do in the electrical car space. We are offering a much-needed product and replacement vehicle. We are a very compelling product.”

The car, which is being trialed at undisclosed blue-chip mining firms in Australia, is initially intended for the underground hard rock-mining industry, with a consumer version release planned in the near future.

It will retail at around $75,000. The car’s battery is intended to last a six-hour shift and can then be recharged overnight, or via a DC charging facility which will recharge in just half an hour.

“It’s a very robust electrical vehicle using world’s best practice. It is designed to live in a very harsh environment. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing really substantially tough componentry,” says Brim.

With over 60% Australian-made componentry, the Tomcar LV1 meets Australia’s demanding mine safety standards, providing an off the shelf mobility solution.

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The new Tomcar LV1 Electric Mine Vehicle

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