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Our Story

1800 TOMCAR (1800 866 227)

"You can drive them over the most extreme terrain and not feel a bump.
With a ground clearance of the original Humvee military vehicle."

BBC Auto

"Tomcar are the future of manufacturing in Australia"

Jens Goennemann, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

"The Tomcar is more like a magic carpet that your usual off-road machine."

Unsealed 4x4

"We have always been impressed by the Tomcar. The range of go-anywhere vehicles offer surprising off-road potential and peerless build quality, wrapped up in a package that is safer than anything else on the market."

GoAuto News

"...get behind the wheel and you’ll find an off-road performance
like nothing else on earth."

Total Off-Road

"I am amazed at what the Tomcar can do. It has a low centre of gravity but also a high ground clearance, making them stable while driving at high speeds on loose and uneven surfaces.”

Courier Mail

"It's built tougher than almost any vehicle we’ve experienced, as noted by the bulletproof steel used throughout. We got air on more than one occasion. Several times we thought it might sprout wings."

ATV Magazine

"I was amazed at the climbing ability, this two wheel drive vehicle climbed the hill like a mountain goat."

"ATVs are go-anywhere fun, but they can be dangerous. SUV's are safer, but expensive. Tomcars handle the middle ground - even if it's rocky, muddy and steep."

944 Magazine